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A&E--Architect & Engineering

ABVS--Automated Best Value System: An OMB devised formula that assesses a vendor or system integrator's past performance based on quality, delivery and packaging.

ACES--Access Certificates for Electronic Services: An information security measure which facilitates secure electronic authentication to government information systems and services through the use of public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature technology.

ACM--Association for Computing Machinery

ADMATCH--Address Matching Software

ADP--Automated Data Processing; a term largely discontinued

ADT--Abstract Data Type

AIAC--Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

AID--Acquisition Item Description (synonymous with PID)

AID--Automated Interaction Detector

AIRS--Aerometric Information Retrieval System

AIS--Address Information System

AIS--Automated Information Security

ANSI--American National Standards Institute. ANSI and NIST are the two most cited sources for government information technology standards.

ANSWER--Applications 'N Support for Widely-Diverse End User Requirements: A method to deliver the best value and innovation for diverse projects such as telemedicine, war gaming, agriculture, homeland security, nuclear energy and social security systems. ANSWER constantly updates technology offerings with a technical refreshment process and provision. Features of the ANSWER GWAC (government wide acquisition contract) include seven geographical rate areas with ceiling prices reflecting locations; 40 hours of training for every contractor full-time equivalent; and one group manager for every 35 contractor staff.

A/OPC--Agency/Organization Program Coordinator: Individual accountable for purchase card program.

AQA--Approved Quality Assurance

ASTER--Assessment Tools for the Evaluation of Risk

AT--Assistive Technology: State-of-the-art assistive technology and ergonomic designs for persons with disabilities.

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